Collective knitted curtain

Time Stitches is an extension of my previous project Tracing Wounds, which dealt with invisible struggles, specifically focusing on mental scars. I deal with the challenge of finding a suitable therapy method, often ending up in disappointment. I realized how much "making" helps me to sit with a thought and help myself reflect on my struggles. During the process of my latest project, I recognized that my previous approach was no longer effective. I became interested in the concept of patchworking – constructing a larger entity from smaller fabric scraps. Similarly, I was intrigued by the idea of individuals coming together to create, each contributing to a grander whole.Historically, quilting bees provided a platform for women to unite and craft quilts that served not only as functional pieces but also as carriers of messages rooted in empowerment and resistance. These gatherings allowed women to connect, share their narratives, and offer mutual support. Quilting emerged as a means to reclaim personal stories and challenge societal conventions. When I look at my copper knitted piece, I see each knot holding other knots in its surroundings, collectively forming a larger entity greater than the sum of its parts. Inspired by patchworking/quilting communities, I wanted to try a new approach with my new project. I am inviting whoever is interested to join me in knitting, either together or at their leisure, using the copper thread and needles I provide. They can knit until the thread runs out or for as long as they desire. Once completed, they can return their contributions to me, which I will incorporate into the expansive curtain I am making. My goal is to create a curtain composed of knitted copper patches. If you are interested in contributing to this project, let me know. Your piece will become an integral part of this larger whole, a unique knot within a sea of interconnected knots. Email me at or send me a dm @asefeht on IG